Central Ohio Beekeepers Association 



The objectives and purpose of the Central Ohio Beekeepers Association shall be to promote the further interest and well being of apiculture and to educate beekeepers and the public in the importance of honeybees, honey, other by-products and pollination in our country.


Please, please, PLEASE (!) call a beekeeper before you spray bees!

If you have a swarm of bees in a tree, on a bush, or light pole, or bees in your home or garage, outbuilding, or other location, please check our Swarm List for a beekeeper who would be willing to remove bees from your property BEFORE you spray them. Also, please familiarize yourself with the difference between yellow jackets and honey bees.

Yellow Jacket

Honey Bee
(photo compliments of Barry Conrad. All rights reserved. Do not copy or reproduce without permission from Barry Conrad.)


Wednesday, November 19, 2014
Der Dutchman Restaurant, Plain City, OH.
$10/person - Members only.
Reservations to Mike Hatter




Advanced bee yard has decided to meet on an "as needed basis" for weekly or bi-weekly classes.. For questions concerning class call Kim Flippen or Shawn Rinehart at 614-492-0229.


If you were in our bee school in 2013, or earlier, you are more than welcome to participate in the Advanced Year Bee Yard. If you're interested in participating, contact Stephanie for more details This is open to all COBA members. Consider joining us to "sharpen" your beekeeping skills, or share your knowledge and experience!

Please see google map for location of bee yard. Indian Village Day Camp (Duranceaux Park), located on Fishinger Road to Rivers Gate Way to Indian Village Rd  or Fishinger Road to Dublin Rd to Indian Village Rd.  

COBA Library update:

The  COBA Board accepted new rules regarding our "Lending Library" as follows:

Due to many unreturned and/or lost books from the library, new rules have been put in place to ensure all books are returned and or replaced upon loss or damage. These rules have been accepted by the COBA board, July 14, 2014.


1) Books may be checked out one week at a time, and may be checked out again, if there is not a waiting list.

2) All books must be returned to the meeting (Bee Yard or monthly meeting) and, or may be mailed to the librarian at time of due date. The “holding payment” will then be returned to borrower.

3) If any book has been lost or not returned by said date, the borrower will be rendered as a non-compliant member of Ohio Beekeepers Association and shall lose all privileges as a member, including membership.


Scioto Mile (2015):

The Scioto Mile was an exciting and rewarding experience this year. Along with "Host", the East Central Ohio Beekeepers, we joined them throughout the summer to encourage young people and adults to consider becoming beekeepers. Our classes were talked about and invitations were extended, especially to the young poeple, explaining the Scholarship process and encouraging students to consider applying for the Schoarlarship. Consider signing up next year!



Hive Requests:

We have received several calls from people interested in having hives placed on their property. One is in southern Delaware County, and one in southern Franklin County/northern Fairfield County. Another is on the westside of Columbus. If interested, give Will Merrill a call at 614-226-8219 more information.